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[Metal Sonic]

Name: Metal Sonic

First Appearance: Sonic the Hedgehog CD (1993)

Occupation: Creation of Doctor Eggman, robotic clone of Sonic.

Abilities: Shares the same abilities as his counterpart but has a copycat ability which allows him to copy the moves of anyone he sees leaving him with possible unlimited power. Also by overloading his circuits he can create shocks of electricity.

Weapons: None but he has claws.

Bio: He is an evil Badnik version of Sonic the Hedgehog and undoubtedly Dr. Eggman's deadliest creation, built for the sole purpose of destroying Sonic. Deployed during Eggman's operations on Little Planet, Metal Sonic confronted Sonic in battle and lost, though he would repeatedly return to challenge Sonic and his allies. To this day, Metal Sonic continues to be one of Sonic's most formidable foes.

Intro: Metal Sonic is seen floating in the air and slowly descends into the ground, as he touches the ground sparks will spit out of him as he’s eyes glow red

Intro Quotes: Metal Sonic doesn’t talk…for the most part.

Quotes against Metal Sonic:

(Iron Man) “Oh please, as if my tech can be beaten by a robotic rodent.”

(Magneto) “You are known as “METAL Sonic”? Now humans are being too obvious.”

(Taskmaster) “So it’s copycat vs copycat eh? This’ll be interesting.”


(Rocket Raccoon) “So the mad doctor made a robotic clone of his arch nemesis? Like to see someone pull that on me.”

(Tron Bonne) “Hey! I found some new robot parts!”

(Zero) “A maverick that can copy abilities? Is this what facing X might feel like if he became Maverick?”

(Akuma) “What is this mockery?!?”  

Taunt: Metal Sonic’s eyes will flash red

Taunt Quotes:

Metal Sonic doesn’t talk for the most part
Basic Moves:


L – Punches Straight

M – Slashes Horizontally

H – Kicks

Special: Slashes Upwards


L – Low Kick

M – Slashes downwards

H – Slides Forward (Hits off the ground)


L – High Kick

M – Slashes Horizontally

H – Spins in place

Special: Slashes Downwards

Down-Forward-Attack (Can also be done in air): Metal Laser

Metal Sonic will shoot out a beam from his chest. This move is similar to Iron Man’s Uni-Beam attacked; this move causes a hit stun.

The attack differs how many damage and hits this’ll inflict as well as how long the hit stun will last for.

In the air this attack is aimed downwards at an angle.
Down-Forward-Special: Copycat (Can also be done in air)

Metal Sonic’s eyes flash briefly and then ends up copying one of his opponents moves for a small period of time replacing Metal Laser and the special moves work the same way with the same properties. So if the player has experienced the characters move before then they wouldn’t need to worry on which version to use for combos.

Here is what each one will do:

Akuma – Gohadouken

Amaterasu – Power Slash

Arthur – Lance Toss

Captain America – Shield Slash

Chris – Grenade Toss

Chun-Li – Spinning Bird Kick

C. Viper – Thunder Knuckle

Dante – Crystal

Deadpool – Katana-Rama!

Dormmamu – Dark Hole

Dr. Doom – Photon Shot

Dr. Strange – Mystic Sword

Felicia – Rolling Buckler

Firebrand – Demon Missile

Frank West – Tools of Survival

Ghost Rider – Hellfire

Haggar – Violent Axe

Hawkeye – Quick Shot

Hsien-Ko – Gong Reflect

Hulk – Gamma Charge

Iron Fist - Lotus Whip, Dragon's Touch and Surging Fist

Iron Man- Repulsor Blast

Jill – Arrow Kick

Magneto - Electromagnetic Disruptor

MODOK - Balloon Bomb

Morrigan – Soul Fist

Nemesis – Clothesline Rocket

Nova – Centurion Rush

Phoenix – TK Shot

Phoenix Wright – Paperwork High

Rocket Raccoon – Spitfire

Ryu – Hadouken

Sentinel – Rocket Punch

She-Hulk – Heavy Strike

Shuma-Gorath – Mystic Ray

Spencer – Wire Grappler

Spider-Man – Web Ball

Storm – Whirlwind

Strider – Gram

Super Skrull – Orbital Grudge

Taskmaster - Spidey’s Swing

Thor – Mighty Spark

Trish – Low Voltage

Tron Bonne – Beacon Bomb

Vergil – Judgement Cut

Viewtiful Joe – Voomerang

Wesker – Jaguar Dash

Wolverine – Berserker Barrage

X-23 – Crescent Scythe

Zero - Ryuenjin
Forward-Down-Forward-Light (Can also be done in air):  Homing Attack

Metal Sonic will rolls into a ball and then quickly homes in onto the location where the opponent is. This move can be charged for greater damage.

If Metal Sonic is in the air and hits an opponent on the ground it causes a ground bounce.

And regardless if Metal Sonic is on the ground or in the air; if this is used against an airborne opponent it will cause a wall bounce.
But if Metal Sonic uses this move while on the ground to grounded opponents it only causes a hard knockdown.
Forward-Down-Forward-Medium (Can also be done in air): Hammer Punch

Metal Sonic jump and shortly before quickly following-up with him falling straight down while punching the ground soon as he lands. This move causes a ground bounce and hits overhead.
Forward-Down-Forward-Heavy: Somersault

Metal Sonic will do a somersault attack that acts like an uppercut, this move can be cancelled into Flight.
Down-Backward-Light:  Spear Rain

Metal Sonic will throw a chaos sphere at the sky and suddenly afterwards a rain of sphere will rain down across the field. This move is good for zoning and it inflicts multiple hits.
Down-Backward-Medium: Spin Dash

Metal Sonic will roll into a ball and then travels forward, does multiple hits and hits off the ground.

This move can be charged which results him spinning around in place and when the player lets go of the button he’ll launch forward across the ground at a fast speed.
Down-Backward-Heavy (Can also be done in air): Black Shield

Metal Sonic will cover himself with a diamond shaped black shield around him for a small period of time that protects him from projectiles
Down-Backward-Special: Flight

Metal Sonic will use his jetpack to hover in the air for a small period of time.

Down-Forward-Attack X2 (Can also be done in air): Ring Spark Field

Metal Sonic will overload his circuits as he suddenly explodes with electricity all around him that form a ring. Does multiple hits but is short ranged.
Down-Backwards-Attack X2 (Can also be done in air): V. Maximum Overdrive Attack

Metal Sonic will overload his circuits has he suddenly rushes forward while covered with an aura of electricity around him.  Does multiple hits and while like this Metal Sonic is immune to projectiles but can be stopped with physical super moves.

In the air the player can control where Metal Sonic will go via control stick.
Down-Down-Attack X2 (Level 3): Neo Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic will suddenly say “Time to unleash my true power!” as he suddenly morphs into Neo Metal Sonic.

While like this his strength and defence has increased drastically and for some moves he has super armor.

Also he gains some new moves while in this form.

Metal Laser is replaced by Metal Lightning – This move has Metal Sonic shoot a stream of lightning at the opponent. Light is aimed straight which causes hard knockdown, Medium is aimed upwards at an angle while Heavy has him aim straight up into the sky which then suddenly rains down with lightning afterwards. In the air both Light and Medium are aimed downwards at an angle while Heavy has him aimed straight.

Homing Attack is replaced by Metal Dive – This move has him rushing forward at the opponent. On the ground he is aimed straight while in the air he is going downwards at an angle.

Spear Rain is replaced by Metal Floor – This move has him bend down to the ground and channel lightning through the ground that goes full screen and hits off the ground.

And for a minor change he’s taunt is different. He’ll float in the air with is arms out while saying “Kneel!”

Metal Sonic also has access to a new super move exclusive in this mode; he’ll stay in this mode for 20 seconds.
Forward-Down-Forward-Attack X2 (Level 3, only during Neo Metal Sonic): Metal Madness

Metal Sonic will say “This is the end!” he’ll then shoot lightning at the opponent, if it connects a cutscene will occur.

The opponent will be knocked back by the attack while Metal Sonic suddenly floats up and says “All living things kneel before your master!” as he shoots lightning at the sky and in an instant transforms into Metal Overlord.

He’ll let out a roar and then says “I’ll tear you to pieces!” as he at first fires a single crystal dome to trap the opponent before suddenly firing out a barrage of crystals onto the trapped opponent.

He’ll then pick up the opponent and says “You are finished…” he’ll then throw the opponent away afterwards and then shouts out “BURN TO DEATH!” as he fires a barrage of missiles that all home in onto the opponent causing a massive explosion.
The super ends here as Metal Sonic returns to normal.
Victory: As Metal Sonic he’ll float into the air before his eyes flash and look at the camera.

As Neo Metal Sonic he’ll raise his fist into the air and shoots out lightning.

Victory Quotes: Metal Sonic doesn’t speak for the most part…but if he wins as Neo Metal Sonic

“All Lifeform Data…Successfully Copied!”

“All living things kneel before your master!”

“You're all useless now that I've copied all your data.”

(Vs. Iron Man) “Foolish human! Your machines only served more data for me to copy!”

(Vs. Magneto) “Regardless of your power, I managed to copy your abilities. Now I have the full advantage!”

(Vs. Taskmaster) “You tried to copy my data? You should have done that before I copied your strengths.”

(Vs. Sentinel) “Nothing but trash, but the data had some value to it.”

(Vs. Rocket Raccoon) “No matter what weapons you bring out, I already copied it down the strengths and weaknesses!”

(Vs. Amaterasu) “Foolish being, no matter what you are all living things shall bow before me!”
(Vs. Tron Bonne) “The Doctor’s inventions failed to stop me, so what difference would it be for you to do the same thing?”

(Vs. Zero) “I am no Maverick! I am something superior!”

(Vs. Akuma) “This living creature actually proved to be quite the challenge. But now that his data has been copies I will be unstoppable!”

(Vs. Phoenix Wright) “I have no use for defenceless beings; this was a waste of time!”

(Vs. Self) “No need for a loathsome clone, there can be only one!”

Victory Quotes Metal Sonic:

(Iron Man) “Guess what? I can scan you too you know. You though this armor was too look cool?”

(Magneto) “Copy me all you want, in the end you are still metal. That was your only weakness.”

(Taskmaster) “As if I’ll let some robot copy me anyway! In fact I don’t think it’s fair for a machine to do the copying around here!”


(Rocket Raccoon) “Wow what a piece of junk, if the original can put up more than this then you are one cheap clone.”

(Tron Bonne) “I like the color blue and all but there is no way you can take Mega head on!”

(Zero) “That was rough, if X turns Maverick would he just be as dangerous as this?”

(Akuma) “A machine dares copy the Satsui no Hado?!? A disgrace!”
I do not own Sonic the Hedgehog

I didn't expect to do another Sonic character so soon. Aside from the other sega villains i planned i didn't plan on doing another Sonic villain. I planned on doing once villain per Sega franchise for now. But around here i couldn't figure out who to add next.

Aside from the ones planned i couldn't figure out who. Mr. X from Streets of Rage looked like a good pick but he might end up being a clone of Onishima, i don't know if there are any villains/bad guys in Crazy Taxi or Samba De Amigo and i didn't want to add a Virtua Fighter villain and even if i did i would have added Dural but she doesn't have any listed moves and yes i am aware she has moves of other cahracters but i don't wanna go out my way looking at her moves and try to find out what moves came from each character to i passed  on it.

In the end i stuck to another Sonic villain this time being Metal Sonic.

Being a 90s kid i was first introduced to him in Sonic Heroes (well ok he made a cameo in Sonic Adventure but still) and i thought he was a badass villain.

I was originally gonna have him speak all the time but i rememberd that in other titles Metal Sonic doesn't talk.

He is cold, silent and ruthless so i figured i should go for that personality but soon as he becomes Neo Metal Sonic that is when he shows his true colors.

I loved that about him, he started off as being a cold hearted silent machine that obeyed Eggman's orders but behind the shadows he attempts overthrow the doctor and take over the world himself.

Makes me wonde rin the cannon timeline where is he now? Does he still serve Eggman or is he still plotting world domination? We may never find out the answer to that because Sonic Team nowadays says "Fuck continuity and character development it's all about Sonic now!" man i miss the old Sonic Team...

When doing his moves i thought i was gonna end up doing a Sega version of Taskmaster when it came to special moves. Metal Sonic copied moves from characters like Knuckles, Shadow and especillaly Sonic but i didn't want that to be the case. Luckily Metal Sonic had some moves of his own that helped out. I wasn't originally gonna put in his copycat ability but i know certain people will call me out on it so i decided to add it in there.

I chosen moves that i think would be best for Metal Sonic, i didn't want it to be too much projectiles or anything.

Like i didn't give him Chris' modern guns because of well...this...…

But overall i enjoyed doing a set for this guy. Suprisingly he wasn't the next Sonic character i had in mind but he was badass, i had one more Sega villain slot to put in for the ones currently planned and here he is.

Now who is next? You'll have to find out next time but until then; comment to tell me what you think!
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OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017
So an emphasis on copying attacks. Expected something of that more-so with Emerl, but seen Metal do it plenty times too. And yeah, Metal sadly doesn't say much these days, though cool that you have his Heroes forms. With that in mine I kinda wish Dark Phoenix had more special quotes in the actual game. Creative moves for Neo Metal as well. Kinda bummed that form never got a proper boss fight.
KingOfFiction Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017
You know dude you've been saying a lot latley you know? XD
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017
I know, just making a habit of keeping up.
KingOfFiction Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017
Not that, i meant usually your comments are short and quick. Latley you've been adding a lot
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017
Well I know you've been wanting me to elaborate a bit more.
KingOfFiction Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017
I never said that.
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017
Mkay, but I remember way back I just went something like "Cool stuff" and nothing else and you were all like "So what else did you think of it?". No biggie.
ask-theangelofsouls Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017
Seems like we got ANOTHER faction. Guess I won't be sleeping then.
KingOfFiction Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017
Whoops....oh well so umm...thoughts on Metal Sonic himself?
ask-theangelofsouls Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017
Between copying powers of other factions, and turning into a kaiju sized machine, we're gonna have many a sleepless night.
KingOfFiction Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017
Yeah...umm so moves?
ask-theangelofsouls Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017
It's interesting at first, but when he goes Neo, he goes into full blown nightmare fuel.
KingOfFiction Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017
ask-theangelofsouls Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017
This guy gave Sonic many a headache in the past.
KingOfFiction Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017

Sonic: Oh boy this guy huh?
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