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Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Pico
Name: Pico  
First Appearance: F-Zero (1990)
Occupation: F-Zero Pilot, Hitman
Abilities: Outside of his dangerous driving skills as an F-Zero Pilot he is also a professional hitman
Weapons: Guns, explosives and knives.
Bio: A former soldier of the Poripoto army from the planet Death Wind. It's not clear if his aggression in interviews is just the way he is or some kind of act. Considering the way he races, it's probably the former. Rumour has it he was the cause of a major accident some time ago. Nevertheless he is a ruthless hitman out for the highest bounty. He pilots the F-Zero machine known as the “Wild Goose”.
Intro: The F-Zero Machine “Wild Goose” is seen driving into the battlefield as Pico hops out of it getting into a stance.
Intro Quotes:
“I’m going to bathe this battlefield in blood!”
“Sadly only the F-Zero can quench my first for blood!”
“So you’re my target? I can take you out with my eyes closed
:iconkingoffiction:KingOfFiction 0 58
Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Arno Dorian
[Arno Dorian]
Name: Arno Dorian
First Appearance: Assassin's Creed Unity (2014)
Occupation: Assassin
Abilities: Assassinating Skills
Weapons: Arno is equipped with most of what other famous Assassins before him have used before but Arno has his own exclusive weapon; the Phantom Blade which allows him to shoot a blade from his gauntlet.
Bio: Lost his real father at a young age by a Templar assassin and lost his foster farther as an adult and was framed for it. After spending time in jail and meeting a fellow assassin he was trained in combat and after escaping he joined up the assassins but unfortunately Arno is still new to the creed and thus does things without their permission for selfish deeds such as revenge on the ones who framed him and killed his foster father. He’ll eventually work together with his lover Élise de la Serre who herself is a Templar which doesn’t sit well with the Creed.
Intro: Arno is seen walking with Elise behind him, when he sees the opponent
:iconkingoffiction:KingOfFiction 1 46
Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Nightmare
First Appearance: Soul Blade/Soul Edge (1995, cameo) Soul Calibur (1999, proper debut)
Occupation:Wielder of the cursed sword Soul Edge
Abilities: Nightmare is incredibly powerful, thanks to being the incarnation of Soul Edge. He possess immense sword fighting skills - as shown by how he was taking on and defeating multiple armies at once, even with only the phantom Soul Edge, and physical strength - as shown during his battle with Siegfried, where one slash from his sword destroyed the entirety of Ostreinsburg Castle. He can even drain the souls of others around him.
Weapons:Soul Edge
Bio: A long time ago the warrior Siegfried Schtauffen was consumed by Soul Edge and became the ruthless Nightmare with the sword promising him to restore his father by collecting souls but in reality it is all too restore the swords power. However Sigefried recently broke free and destroyed the sword but the will of the sword “Inferno” possessed the Nightmare armor
:iconkingoffiction:KingOfFiction 3 48
Art Trade:  Yuna Matsumoto by KingOfFiction Art Trade: Yuna Matsumoto :iconkingoffiction:KingOfFiction 2 1
Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Iori Yagami
[Iori Yagami]
Name: Iori Yagami
First Appearance: The King of Fighters '95 (1995)
Occupation:­­ Musician
Abilities: Yagami style of ancient martial arts + pure instinct
Weapons: None
Bio: Iori is the last descendant of the Yagami clan, an ancient family linked to the Three Sacred Treasures. Iori fights the enemies on his way via his sharp claws and purple flames. Since a blood pact concluded with Orochi, he sometimes enters a state of "Riot of the Blood" madness. The Kusanagi and Yagami clans have been fighting each other for more than 660 years.  A cold hearted killer who is hellbent on destroying the heir of the Kusanagi Clan and what's ironic is that Iori dislikes violence.
Intro: Is seen standing up straight before leaning forward and going into his fighting stance.
Intro Quotes:  
“You want to die that badly...don't you?"
“"I'll burn everything to ash!"
“I will end your pain."
(Vs. Phoenix) "So you are used to death? Then you don't mind if I h
:iconkingoffiction:KingOfFiction 2 43
Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Heihachi Mishima
NOTE: I am NOT good at describing Martial Arts moves. I apologize if you get confused.
[Heihachi Mishima]
Name: Heihachi Mishima
First Appearance: Tekken (1994)
Occupation: Head of the Mishima Zaibatsu
Abilities: Experienced in Mishima Style Fighting Karate.
Weapons: None
Bio: Also known as the King of the Iron Fist; Heihachi mishima along with his son  Kazuya are among the most evil men to ever walk the earth. The original leader of the Mishima Zaibatsu; Heihachi continues to fight for control of the Mishima Zaibatsu against his son, Kazuya, and his grandson, Jin. After having recovered from the injuries he sustained in the suicide attack on him from the G Corporation's Jack units, Heihachi is back with an iron fist--and body to match.
Intro: Will have his back turned to the opponent before turning around and slams his foot down (basically an intro similar to Akuma’s) and gets into his fighting stance.
Intro Quotes:  
“I'll be quick with your death!”
:iconkingoffiction:KingOfFiction 3 91
Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Taki
Name: Taki
First Appearance: Soul Blade/Soul Edge (1995)
Occupation: Former member of the Fu-Ma Ninja Clan
Abilities: Experienced in ninjutsu
Weapons: Double Kodachi
Bio: Raised in a secret ninja village since her childhood, Taki has developed a mastery of sealing spells, and dedicates her life to sealing demons all over Japan. One day she leaves to Europe to find the cursed sword so as to empower her favourite sword, Rekkimaru. She's able to obtain a shard after defeating Cervantes, but ends up fusing it with Mekkimaru instead, a sword with strong spiritual powers that has driven her master Toki insane. She is forced to leave her home when she's targeted by her own comrades after Toki discovers she has Mekkimaru. Then she realizes Toki's now after Soul Edge. Realizing the dangers of allowing a man like Toki to claim it her objective is to take out the evil sword.
Intro: Taki falls from the sky and lands on the ground safely before standing straight up and gets into her fighting
:iconkingoffiction:KingOfFiction 7 105
Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Kokoro
NOTE: I am not good at describing martial arts moves; sorry if you get confused.
Name: Kokoro
First Appearance: Dead or Alive 4 (2005)
Occupation: Maiko (Apprentice Geisha)
Abilities: Experienced in Baji Quan
Weapons: None
Bio: Kokoro was conceived by her mother Miyako while she was a mistress to Fame Douglas, but she never told who her father was. While Miyako kept her connections with DOATEC as head of the subdivision DOATEC Japan, Kokoro was oblivious to her heritage and was placed in training to be a geisha - a traditional, female Japanese entertainer whose skills include classical music and dance. While she had her heart in her training, Kokoro also gained a love for the martial arts and started to train herself in the art of baji quan as a result. She is a kind and sweet person most of the time but she also has a bit of a short temper.
Intro: Kokoro walks in with one of her arms out on her side with the other one underneath her chest. She stops and gets into her fighting
:iconkingoffiction:KingOfFiction 4 48
Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Lili Rochefort
NOTE: I am not good at describing martial arts moves; sorry if you get confused.
[Lili Rochefort]
Name: Emilie "Lili" De Rochefort
First Appearance: Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection (2005)
Occupation: High School Student
Abilities: Self Taught in Martial Arts
Weapons: None
Bio: Lili, the only daughter of a wealthy oil magnate in Monaco. Four years ago, she was captured and held ransom for that very reason. While in captivity, she struggled violently to free herself, taking out one of her captors. That fight triggered her hunger for battle. However, Lili's father was a good-hearted man who hated conflict. "I don't want Father to be upset with me...but I also want to fight." Lili could no longer control her urge to fight. Under the guise of a simple vacation, she used the family's private jet to take part in street fighting tournaments around the world. She may act like a snobbish girl but underneath she is quite friendly. She would often have matches with her rival Asuka Kazama.
Intro: Walks
:iconkingoffiction:KingOfFiction 5 44
Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Cassie Cage
[Cassie Cage]
Name: Cassandra Carlton Cage
First Appearance: Mortal Kombat X (2015)
Occupation: Special Forces Sargent
Abilities: Good in special forces training; good in handling guns and has inherited her father’s Shadow Techniques but hasn’t mastered them yet.
Weapons: Nighstick and pistols.
Bio: Cassandra Carlton Cage, the daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade, has a lot to live up to. Her parents were among the few kombatants to survive the wars against Outworld and Netherrealm, and were instrumental to Earthrealm's victories. Cassie is as strong-willed--and occasionally hotheaded--as her mother; and quick-witted as her beloved father, which makes her popular among her Special Forces unit. But these traits hide a seed of self-doubt cultivated by the demanding nature of her commanding officer: Sonya.
Intro: Cassie is seen walking in with headphones on. She then takes them out; takes her sunglasses off and gets into her fighting stance.
Intro Quotes:
“So you wann
:iconkingoffiction:KingOfFiction 9 55
Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Pai Chan
[Pai Chan]
Name: Pai Chan
First Appearance: Virtua Fighter (1993)
Occupation: Actress
Abilities: Experienced in the fighting style of Mízōngquán.
Weapons: None
Bio:  Pai is a leading star in Hong Kong action films. Her moods change as quickly as a cat's - she can erupt in passion in one minute, and turn icy cold in the next. Lau's only daughter, Pai was specially trained by her father in martial arts from a young age. However, while Lau obsessively strove on with his training, Pai's mother worked so hard to support the family that she died of overwork. Her death devastated Pai and she blamed it on Lau; she swore that one day she would beat him.
Intro: Is seen flipping herself forward before swaying her arms around and gets into her fighting stance.
Intro Quotes:
“Come on! Do you think you can withstand my Mizong Quan?”
“I'll show you how much my training has paid off!"
“Are you ready? Let's begin!”
(Vs. Any Super Hero) “You know;
:iconkingoffiction:KingOfFiction 2 75
Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Bass Armstrong
NOTE: I am NOT good at describing martial arts moves. I appologize if you get confused.
[Bass Armstrong]
Name: Bass Armstrong
First Appearance: Dead or Alive (1998)
Occupation: Retired Pro Wrestler
Abilities: Experienced in Pro Wrestling
Weapons: None
Bio: A retired professional wrestler and father of Tina Armstrong, Bass enters the Dead or Alive Tournaments to stop Tina from dropping her title as a pro-wrestler to become a Hollywood sensation. The reason why is unknown; but some suspect that he made a promise to his deceased wife Alicia to protect Tina and make her into a woman of importance.
Intro: Bass is seen limbering up and then crossing his arms before getting into his fighting stance.
Intro Quotes:
“Put the pedal to the metal!”
"I'll fold you like a pancake!"
“I’ll crush you!”
(Vs. Iron Man or Dante) “You been trying to hit on my daughter?!? Now let me do the hitting!”
(Vs. Hulk) “Alright tough guy; think you are stronger than me?
:iconkingoffiction:KingOfFiction 1 30
Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Kazuya Mishima
NOTE: I am NOT good at describing Martial Arts moves. I apologize if you get confused.
[Kazuya Mishima]
Name: Kazuya Mishima
First Appearance: Tekken (1994)
Occupation: Head of G Corporation
Abilities: Trained in the Mishima Style of Karate but also has the cursed Devil Gene that allows him to transform into a demon.
Weapons: None
Bio: As a child Kazuya was abused by his father Heihachi Mishima and it was the final straw when Heihachi threw his own son off the edge of a cliff and demanded him to get back up on his own. While down there Kazuya sold his soul to the devil to get revenge on his father but also corrupting his soul in the process making him one of the most evil men on the planet next to his own father.
Intro: Is seen with his arms crossed before getting into his fighting stance.
Intro Quotes:
"Leave my sight at once!"
"What a waste of space."
“So it's you..."
(Vs. Doctor Doom/Wesker)"You rule the world? I think not!"
(Vs. Ghost Rider) “So it seems the devil has m
:iconkingoffiction:KingOfFiction 3 53
Ele Chapter #01, Page 24 by KingOfFiction Ele Chapter #01, Page 24 :iconkingoffiction:KingOfFiction 1 42


Well...that was it. After all these years when i've been an outsider of MGS i found myself playing through all of them. Not just the Solid series but also the MSX games, the NES version, the non-cannon NES Sequel, Portable OPS, Acid, Revengeance and even the gameboy game Ghost Babel...i just played through all of Kojima's legacy. (Although he wasn't involved with all of them) and before you go saying im not finished because Metal Gear Survive is coming out then  fuck you...i am NOT buying that one. Not because of giving my money to Konami, but because of the fact Konami is being an idiot of not knowing how to handl MGS and tries to take this new game seriously.

Anyway...i thought i was nearly done with MGSV, i remember there being a "Mission 51" from youtube videos but it turns out there is no Mission 51, it is a Bonus Content for a special edition of the game and you can find the cutscenes on youtube. A third part of a game that never made it..also my mind is still having trouble over the plot twist at the end...

Anyway it's been a blast. I enjoyed the Metal Gear Franchise (although some games have it's ups and downs) and they made me laugh, they made feel intense and recenntly the last one made me....cry. Oh god the ending made me cry and this song while beautiful was a real tearjerker. In fact listening to it still makes me cry since it happened just a few hours ago. I never felt so emotinoal about a character death since Gamma in Sonic Adventure.

Hideo Kojima, thank you for making such a brilliant franchise. Konami sadly wants to continue it without you but considering they are so dumb they expected MGS fans to stay quiet about won't be the same without ya. I'll miss your story telling and such in the MGS titles. Future works of the franchise without you would never be compared to your greatness. You deserve all the phrase, you deserved that reward that Konami banned you from getting one time, you deserve the love much as your franchises deserves it.

Here's to you Kojima: Thank you. I'll look forward into playing Death Stranding :')

Goodbye Metal Gear Franchise, it was fun.
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